We have 4 Rules for any player training with us that are not negotiable:

100% Effort – 100% Coachable – 100% Respect – 100% Positivity

SCORE Tennis, was founded on the core principle:

Provide world-class instruction to dedicated tennis players, coaches, and parents. We seek out and deliver best-in-class knowledge on the technical, tactical, and mental aspects required of the game to help players of all levels.

We are so passionate about providing each player with world-class information that we travel the world to study from the top and most respected sources. Nothing is left to chance, we eat, breathe, and dream tennis. Our dedication to pushing the envelope is critical for this company and everybody we train. We believe that challenging the Status Quo in everything we do both on and off the court, will take our players and coaches to all-new levels.

As of January 2022, we are only working with 100% dedicated athletes who are looking to make it to the highest level of the sport. We will work with 1-4 athletes at any given time. Our team has built a best-in-class support system for every athlete. SCORE Tennis has built partnerships to provide the best resources a player could have on the court, in the training/recovery room, with mental performance, and in school. Nothing in the athlete’s support system will be left to chance.

We will work out of two main locations and host virtual sessions with partners when needed. For those seeking full-time coaching, you must be home-schooled (see our school) and or in virtual school to accommodate training both in Ottawa and in Orlando Florida. Plus you must be able to travel to international tournaments. In our program, you will be surrounded by a Championship Mindset and nothing is allowed to enter the player’s space that can interfere with this state.

To apply: Please email the player’s resume to scoretennis@gmail.com Also, please in the athletes on words we want to know your goal so please include it with the resume. It is extremely important that this comes from the athlete.

“Join Our Tribe Unlock Your Potential