Where it all started with Jordan and myself training at the OAC thanks to the kindness of Tony Roth and the Noble Tennis School
Jeremy and Raphael were the next STA team members and Olivia would hit when she was in town
Thomas always would come and train with the boys
Eddie Nguyen and Jordan Sweeney after a good hit at the Rideau Tennis club.
Always great when kids come and train
Some of the team grabbing FroYo after practice
Congrats Marko on winning the boys U12 OTA tournament this past weekend. Great job “next ball”
Team = Together Everybody Achieves More (U12 and U18 winners)
Congrats Iancu on winning the 2013 City Championships.
Great work Jeremy and congrats on a great tournament
Congratulations to Petra from STA for making the doubles finals of the ITF 10k in Tunisia
Speed training with Coach John from Axon Sport Atlanta
Rassam winning L3 USTA event in FLA
JT warming up at ACE
Barry warming up for round 1 at National Selection qualifying.
Ethan is always with the new gear
Alex, Lor, and Juliette working their backhands
Great Tourney for Lior
Great win for Arianne
Victor looks happy after his win
Great win by Scarlet
JT and Jayden showdown
After practice discussion wth Jeremy and Raphael
Petra training before Tunisia ITF 10K
Nya working on serve
Training at the USTA training Centre in Orlando
Naomi working on the lefty forehand

Working on the serve and hitting all the reference points