Player Services

University Planning

Our team provides guidance to help guide players through the appropriate steps to select the University of their choice we work closely with academic advisors and college recruitment teams to help each player find the right fit.

Education Planning

SCORE Tennis has its own educational advisors that help to navigate the combination of school and high-performance play. This service assists players from out of town to relocate to a new SCORE affiliate school.

SAT Prep

When the time comes we hold practice SAT sessions on Saturdays on an informal, drop-in basis for the SCORE Tennis family.

Video analysis:

Dartfish and Swingvision systems provide players with the opportunity to access a video replay of the practice, lesson, or match play. These tools also provide an opportunity for match analysis, an understanding of players’ behavior in pressure situations, and evaluation through analytics. We have the most detailed charting available and used by the likes of Novak and many other tour players.

Private lessons

Players have the opportunity to take private lessons from any of our coaches. Players take private lessons in order to improve or learn something specific and can follow a regular private coaching regime, which provides the player with a systematic, personalized approach to development.

Travel assistance

Our coaches arrange travel for groups and individuals playing in provincial, national, and international tournaments at the junior and professional levels.

Tournament coaching

Coaches accompany players at a variety of different tournaments throughout the year such as selections, provincials, nationals, and professional events.  The services in which the coach can provide include, but are not limited to the following: arranging practice sessions, establishing pre-match and post-match routines, scouting opponents, devising game plans, videotaping matches, and charting matches.


When warranted the SCORE team will travel together to events.

Physical development program

All players in our High-Performance stream benefit from our high-quality physical fitness programs run by fitness professionals and partners at Axon Sport performance out of Atlanta GA.

Mental training program

Leading experts in mental strength training work individually and in a group setting with our athletes in the National and International programs. These professionals also provide guidance to our coaches in how to develop strong mental skills in our younger players.  Furthermore, our mental strength experts offer special topic sessions that are open to individuals of all ages, levels, and interests.