U8/U10 Performance Team

If you have a daughter/son born in the year 2013-2015 and you would like your daughter/son to have the opportunity to get in on our group of 7-10 years old’s then now is the time to act. All we can say is come and see now what you will not want to miss 2 years from now. A special group of 8 players will have the opportunity to train in the world’s most unique and unparalleled training environment.

We carry a maximum of 10 players for our two coaches to mentor and develop. Only those who desire to reach their full potential should call us. We currently are at capacity for our group but potentially will have two spots open up in the spring/summer. If you have a child that fits the description we would like to hear from you as well.

If you feel your child has the passion and desire to reach their full potential in the sport of tennis, and you desire to give your child a once in a lifetime opportunity to have their tennis games developed by Sean and the team, then click the link below to fill out the waiting list registration. The only way to know is to come to see and experience our environment for yourself. If you have any questions feel free to call us at 613-883-4610 and leave a detailed message. We will return your call promptly.